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Top 10 Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai 2024 – Updated Rankings

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Top 10 Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai 2024 – Updated Rankings

Discover the Top 10 Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai 2024. Our updated rankings highlight the top 10 courses, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your yoga journey.

Top 10 Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai 2024

#1.Kaya Yoga Lifestyle

Kaya Yoga Lifestyle provides professional and comprehensive yoga teacher training programs. Their courses cover all aspects of yoga, from asanas and meditation to philosophy and teaching methodologies, to equip students with the knowledge and skills to become confident and effective yoga instructors.


Kaya Yoga Therapy, Dubai, UAE

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+971 50 966 7560

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The 200 Hour yoga course is open to all. If you have a deep interest in understanding the practices of yoga, then this yoga training course in Dubai is indeed the best choice for you. We provide yoga instructor course in Dubai to enhance your skills and knowledge about yoga. The course is just perfect to improve your teaching skills and helps you learn how to deal with the issues that your students might face while practicing yoga.



(04) 284 2077


Warehouse 42, Alserkal Avenue, Street 8, Dubai


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#3.Tapas power Yoga Center

A safe haven awaits you, where you can immerse yourself in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere to slow down and catch your breath. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, we provide an integrated Yoga classes, with a holistic approach, making Yoga accessible to all for an improved quality of life..


Phone: 043490223
Mobile: 0565552798

Mobile: 0556619721

916 54 St – Dubai,
Abraj Al Mamzar Block A, Office Building 409
#4.Karma Yoga
Karma Yoga is a sacred haven for everyone who wants to embark on a life changing journey. We welcome all students and offer a variety of yoga, meditations, trainings, courses, workshops and other healing modalities to support and deepen your practice. Karma Yoga is a yoga academy as well as an art gallery with statues, temples, crystals & artistic carvings collected throughout our travels across the world in pursuit of valuable precious artifacts. Our teachers are amazing unique souls who enjoy supporting students throughout their spiritual journey.
Marina Plaza, Floor 33, Unit 3304, Dubai Marina, Dubai – UAE

+971 ‭(04) 399 9301


#5.Thousand Petaled Lotus Yoga Center
Thousand Petaled Lotus or the crown chakra “Sahasrara” symbolizes transformation. Sahasrara is the more subtle chakra relating to pure consciousness and it is our direct connection to the universe. Our Dubai yoga teacher training programs & Yoga classes are aimed to spread wellness by meeting the increased demand for quality yoga instructors in the Dubai industry with the most elaborated yoga training methodology in the region. All yoga teacher training graduates will get an international yoga teacher training certification from Yoga Alliance USA.
Motor CIty

Al Barsha

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#6. Lifestyle Yoga
Explore the art of yoga in the heart of Dubai at Lifestyle Yoga. We offer a diverse range of yoga classes for students of all levels, enriching your body and soul. As Dubai’s leading yoga school, we prioritize your overall well-being, focusing on both your physical health and mental serenity. Our  experienced instructors at the yoga studio in Dubai guide you through calming stretches, promoting physical fitness and inner peace. We’re committed to delivering an authentic yoga experience, ensuring you reap the full benefits of this ancient practice.


Lifestyle Yoga, Shangri-La Hotel, Sheikh
Zayad Road, Dubai



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#7.Dubai Yoga Trainers

Yoga, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ meaning ‘unite’, is a way of life, a physical activity and many things at the same time. Yoga is all about harmonizing your body with your mind and breath and help you feel physically good, calm and spiritually elevated. Practising Yoga helps one reap many benefits. Dubai Yoga Trainers believes that it is important to help everyone lead a holistic life, which is why we are all about providing the best yoga training in and across Dubai. Our aim is to help build a society where all people experience wellness in their mind, body and spirit by embracing a new way of life – yoga.


La Padma Lifestyle Coaching Services
W202, Al Saaha C Wing, Downtown, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

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+971 50 943 9619




The Yoga Institute, world’s first yoga center, was established in 1918 by the legendary yogi Shri Yogendra Ji also known as the father of the modern yoga Renaissance. Our life-changing courses have transformed millions of lives and created more than 100000+ teachers worldwide. We provide modern-day solutions to all life situations and physical & mental ailments. The Institute has won the prestigious prime minister’s award for its outstanding service to the science of yoga.

Call us : +971563801232  | JLT Cluster T1 Lake Plaza Tower, LakeLevel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates| Email



Founded in 2016 by Ms. Lalitha Viswanath who has more than 19 years of experience in Yoga teaching, Pratimoksha is now proudly evolving to become the top Yoga Studio in Dubai. The search for traditional and unique Yoga classes in Dubai takes you to ‘Pratimoksha’. ‘Pratimoksha’ is a concept that evolved as a result of years of practice of Yogic disciplines. The courses offered at our center have been carefully handcrafted which helps one dive deep into the ocean of Yogic Sciences. Our courses are well adapted to assist people from various walks of life for their physical and mental wellbeing.


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